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Revolutionise Your Logbook Tracking

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Streamline Your Logbook Tracking

LogSnob™ Tracks...

  • Direct Client Hours

  • Client Related Hours

  • Professional Development

  • Supervision

  • Mandatory Assessments

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LogSnob™ is auto-generated with the requirements of your program, therefore it tracks your hours and mandatory assessments against these, providing you with up to date and accurate progress statistics.


LogSnob™ provides you with a place to record your self-reflections.


By using LogSnob™ you will be provided with 6-month progress report data, making the completion of each 6-month progress report easier, quicker, and more accurate.


By using LogSnob™ you will be able to customise and add reminders for self-care.


LogSnob™ enables you to add the details of your supervisors, (yes all supervisors!), to ensure that when the logbook is ready for review and approval, your supervisors are able to review and apply their signatures.

Finally, LogSnob™ provides a link to Australian Association of Psychologists Incorporated (AAPi)  - enabling provisional psychologists to connect with a community of peers, stay updated on industry news and advancements, access valuable resources, and engage in professional development opportunities - through a simple button in the LogSnob™ app 

*Professional membership is required



Simplified Tracking

Convenience &


Automation & Enhanced Accuracy

Data Analysis & Insights

Integration & Customisation

Security & 

Data Backup

How the App Works


Personalised Tracking

  • Add your internship program -whatever program you are in, our app makes it easy to track your hours and progress towards your goals.

  • Add your supervisors

  • Carry over your completed horus and assessments

  • Add reminders for your assessments

  • Bonus Feature! Schedule your chosen self-care activities





  • Track your total hours

  • Track your hours for your 6 monthly progress report

  • Track your reflections

  • Easily share your LogSnob logbook with your supervisor for signing

About Us

About LogSnob

Revolutionising Logbook Tracking

LogSnob™ was originally developed by a provisional psychologist for provisional psychologists, which offer numerous benefits tailored to meet the user’s unique needs by understanding many of the pain points.

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